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Arranging Pilgrims’ Tours to The Holy Land

We are the first olive wood store in the USA with an online market that ships worldwide, a workshop in Bethlehem, and an operator of Christian pilgrimages that provides Christians a truly sacred and significant pilgrimage experience in the Holy Land.

Bethlehem Handicrafts organizes many pilgrimages for different groups of churches and organizations. However, if you’re a tour leader, your travel expenses will be covered since we understand that leading a community trip is not an easy work. This life altering pilgrimage, that helps support Christians living in the Holy Land, makes Bethlehem Handicrafts your ideal selection for your pilgrimage groups.

You’ll attend a service where Jesus Christ was born, preached, healed and resurrected, and have a chance to meet our family members during your visit, who’ll host you for a dinner. You are also given the choice to visit our workshop in Bethlehem, which is an additional mark that is not obligatory. Given the chance, we would love to show you how we handcraft the Holy Land’s olive trees to turn them into remarkable olive wood carvings.

We ensure you a unique experience where all will be taken into account and the best service is provided. Our tours are customized just for you including a guide that’ll match the group’s expectations.

In case of an emergency, immediate assistance is provided.

Join us today in a remarkable Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and be one of the most blessed people who get to walk on the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Bethlehem Handicrafts: The Holy Land experience you’ll never forget.